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Donna has been featured on XM Radio's “Life’s Work”
Meet Donna Lawrence

Meet Donna Lawrence Donna Lawrence is the President and Founder of Success Redesign, which she founded in 2005. Donna's passion for assisting others in their quest for achievement and fulfillment is the cornerstone of her career as a coach, consultant, workshop leader and professional speaker. Donna specializes in helping others redesign their professional and personal lives to achieve the success they so desire.

An experienced coach and group facilitator, Donna can skillfully hone in on core issues that teams and individuals are ignoring and facilitate positive change. A personal interest in helping women succeed professionally without sacrificing personally led Donna to begin Mastermind Leadership Groups for Professional Women. She is known for her instinctive ability to help clients identify and overcome obstacles that get in the way of effective communication, personal productivity and motivation, and career/life satisfaction. Donna offers individual coaching for both career and personal issues, in addition to leading team workshops and retreats. An accomplished speaker, Donna has shared motivational messages on Life Success for national and state conferences, church groups/retreats, and corporate meetings.

Prior to coaching, Donna gained executive and business expertise in a 25-year career that included financial services, marketing/public relations, nonprofit management, and political consulting. Her entrepreneurial spirit motivated her to start two small businesses, and she has also excelled in corporate management. Donna's passion for developing others is a hallmark of her career. Whether leading teams, creating and implementing marketing campaigns, raising money, or developing consensus, Donna brings an energy that motivates and inspires those around her. Her personal drive for achievement has propelled her to success, and this energy impacts every coaching and consulting client.

Donna has a Masters in Counseling and a Bachelors in Speech Communications. She has a Certificate in Professional Coaching from the College of Executive Coaching and is also certified through the International Coach Federation. Donna is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, a Certified Program Planner and holds a National Certification in Public Relations. She is also a certified facilitator for the nationally recognized "Now What - 90 Days to a New Life Purpose" coaching program.

Donna's drive for making a difference goes well beyond her coaching business. Her deep concern about the status of women in Oklahoma led her to be one of the founders of the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition. Oklahoma has been ranked the 3rd worst state for women. The nonpartisan Coalition is determined to change this statistic by advocating on behalf of women and girls. Membership information can be found at: Donna serves on the Boards of Leadership Oklahoma and the Downtown Oklahoma City Rotary Club. She is also actively involved with the INTEGRIS Health Foundations, the National Association of Women Business Owners, and the International Coach Federation - Central Oklahoma. Donna is married to Bruce Lawrence, Chief Operating Officer of INTEGRIS Health, and they have four children, ages 21 - 24. The couple lives in Oklahoma City and they are active members of Crossings Community Church.



My sincere desire is to assist others in designing and living the life they want to live...both professionally and personally. Like you, I have had numerous peaks and valleys in my life. After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2004, followed by two surgeries and radiation, I realized I had received a gift. I was cancer-free and I had come face to face with the fact that I must take care of myself. As the CEO of a nonprofit that helped children deal with death and divorce, I had poured all my energy into helping our clients and had forgotten about ME. As I contemplated life ahead of me, I felt God leading me to utilize my expertise in communication, counseling, and leadership to help others design their lives for success in all areas. Most of us devote too much energy toward career success and leave personal success - life success - by the wayside. I am pleased that my efforts have impacted the lives of hundreds of individuals who want to make positive changes!

I encourage you – right now – to take a look at all aspects of your life.

  • What areas need more focus?
  • Which areas need less focus?
  • Are you truly living by your priorities?
  • Are you taking care of YOU?

Don’t wait as long as I did. Begin to live every day fully. TODAY.

Here’s to Success – Life Success!!

Donna Lawrence